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Sidari’s Beaches - Canal D' Amour

Sidari is a large tourist destination with multiple bays. 

There are three major beaches, one of which being the well-known Canal D'amour. 

The other two beaches are made up of a long sandy bay and a smaller, equally gorgeous beach encircled by wind-sculpted stones. This little bay is unique and offers a great deal of seclusion. Sidari's Channel of Love (Canal d'Amour) is a one-of-a-kind bay. To get to this beach, simply pass through the hamlet and head towards Peroulades. A little beach sign can be found on your right.

Sidari Town

Sidari is a hilly village in the northwestern portion of the island of Corfu. 

The Canal d'Amour, or Channel of Love, is what makes Sidari a popular tourist destination, especially in summer. 

Sidari is a sun-washed, large town situated on the coast with multiple bays. The villages were formerly two small towns joined by a long beach. 

Year after year, with the addition of new structures, these two settlements merge into one. 

Every summer, a large number of tourists around the world flock to Sidari for its vibrant nightlife and wide range of tourist amenities.


Map Of Sidari